Sights and Activities on Lake of the Woods & Area

Lake of the Woods and the surrounding area offer a large variety of sights and activities to experience for those traveling to the region for the first time.

Rock climbing, scuba diving, hiking and snowmobiling are just a few of the many active participation sports that await you upon your arrival. Almost every town and city found within the area has some or all of these activities to offer the adventure-seeking tourist.

How about renting a houseboat and touring the lake on your own free time? This is a possibility with the numerous Houseboat Tours available in each major city. Take the family and loved ones away for a relaxing and satisfying trip around the many beautiful waterways and islands retreats.

Sioux Narrows is located on the eastern shore of Lake of the Woods and is home to several notable lodges and gift shops. In the mid-18th century, an Ojibwa-Cree alliance is said to have defeated an invading war-party of Sioux at a narrows right on the lake. The village received its present name due to this event. At this same narrows, the highway crosses the village’s most distinctive feature: a wooden bridge that spans the narrows between Whitefish and Regina bays. Reaching 210 feet into the air, it is the longest single-span wooden bridge in North America – a true sight to behold.

Lake Of The Woods Museum

Lake Of The Woods Museum

Lake of the Woods Museum is located in Kenora and houses an interesting collection of artifacts and exhibits from both the past and present. Travel back in time to discover what the area was really like back in the past, and ignite your love for the region’s rich and colourful history.

Come and explore Minaki, the small tourist village north of Kenora that has the distinction of being nestled in one of the most scenic spots on the Winnipeg and English River systems. The area is truly breathtaking and is a prime spot for exploration and adventure.

The most southern community on Lake of the Woods is Morson. It is one of the last sheltered spots on the lake before heading across the border or down the lake to the rolling waves of the Big Traverse. Off the beaten track, it affords privacy and solitude for those who really want to get away.

Nestor Falls is a picturesque village that is surrounded by majestic stands of Norway pine. The village is one of the most beautiful spots along the Lake of the Woods shores and coupled with the falls that give it its name, it is a favourite stopping place for those in the mood for total relaxation.