Fish Species of Lake of the Woods & Area

Lake of the Woods and area is a truly outstanding fishery with a wide array of species to target, and an even wider range of areas and structure to locate them at. Only a few places on this big body of water feature wide expanses of open water – most of the lake consists of narrow channels, large islands and long bays. It truly is a fisherman’s fantasy come true.

walleywAlthough there are dozens of fish species to bide your time with while taking it easy, the walleye and musky surely rein supreme in these neck-of-the-woods. Walleye are plentiful and easy to locate and catch, and the size of the fish you will hook into will oftentimes amaze you. They can grow BIG in this body of water, and the surrounding lakes, so make sure you bring a large net to corral your trophy into. It is not unheard of for a group of four anglers to land upwards of 100 walleye in a full day of fishing – now that’s what I call exceptional fishing for anywhere in North America.

muskThe fabled musky is another species that garners a lot of interest on this water, both for the size they can attain and for the numbers you can play tug-of-war with. Their have been some truly gigantic ‘skies landed by anglers testing their skill, and it may only be time until a record fish is pulled from the watery depths.

Some of the other species that draw attention are the tasty perch, massive northern pike, lake trout, crappies and both species of bass. Attesting to the quality of the bass fishery, the Kenora Bass International Fishing Tournament – held every August – is one of the largest bass tournaments in Canada with over $120,000 in prize money. (Take a look at some of the past winners’ weights and recognize the fact that some hawg bass call these parts home.) The Black Crappie is another plentiful and tasty fish that averages between 10 and 15 inches in length and is found throughout the entire area. A great specie to introduce a youngster to fishing, or for the grown-up to have some “light-action fun” and catch a meal for the entire family.

Lodges and guides throughout the area are more than happy to show you where the fish are biting and put you on productive spots. Whether you choose an area right on Lake of the Woods, or a lake on the perimeter of the big water, you are sure to have an unforgettable fishing experience.